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I’m a quirky, curious young writer who thrives under pressure and loves the outdoors. From human interest articles to Instagram captions to creative non-fiction, I'm versatile and articulate. Organized, eccentric, and analytical, I’ve covered topics ranging from Frankenstein to horses to celery root.


In order to transport horses from Mexico to the United States by truck, the USDA requires a mandatory three day quarantine in a facility just north of the Texas/Mexico border. Due to organizational misfires and the general trappings of bureaucracy, the quarantine period often extends into the four to five day range, pending paperwork, transportation, and the efficiency of the border crossing itself. One autumn, I accompanied two horses to Mexico and back, and though I was technically traveling alone, I ended up crossing the border with a small cohort of Mexican American men, also professional grooms, whose respective employers were using the same horse transportation company as my boss.

Running Across State Lines

I picked up running seriously in the fall of 2017, when I decided to run a half marathon on New Year’s Eve, a flat and scenic route in the town of Delray, along South Florida’s iconic A1A. I was on a six week vacation at the time, staying with my parents between jobs, and every morning I’d roll out of bed and log three to four miles along the streets of their small, harborside Rhode Island town. I remember the first time I ran five miles that September, when the heat of summer started bleeding into a Northeast fall, and when I made it back to my front door, I felt like I could do anything.

Groom Spotlight: Kate McManis Likes Being Her Horses'

For the past 3 1/2 years, Kate McManis has been a fixture in the aisles of Chris Kappler’s Hunterdon, Inc., where you can find her caring for and riding some of the best horses in the stable. Passionate about horses since a young age, McManis’ work ethic, drive to constantly learn more about horsemanship, and consistent dedication to making her horses look and feel their best contribute to her successful career as a groom all began at the age of 11 in a local barn near her childhood home in Dal

Groom Spotlight: Teaghan James Works Hard And Lives Life To The Fullest

If you’ve spent some time around the Winter Equestrian Festival’s International Ring in Wellington, Fla., chances are you’ve caught sight of Teaghan James and her energetic, friendly smile, holding a well turned out horse in an Artisan Farms show scrim. James works for Canadian rider Tiffany Foster, who rides and trains out of the Ziegler’s Artisan Farms. Though James has been with Foster for the past two and a half years, her grooming career began long before that. Canadian herself, James gre

Groom Spotlight: To Rene Tovar, All Horses Are Created Equal

Find yourself at any major American horse show or equitation final, and chances are you’ll also find Rene Tovar, caring for some of the best presented equitation horses on the showgrounds. A professional groom since 1998, Tovar has spent the last six years contributing to the successful team at Stacia Madden’s Beacon Hill Show Stables. At Beacon Hill, Tovar has cared for several top horses and traveled the American horse show circuit. “I like this stable and this farm because it is really compe

One To Watch: Emma Butchard Is Doing The Work To Succeed At Grand Prix Show Jumping

Watch Emma Butchard ride and you see a typical young professional making her way in the grand prix ring. But keep watching her after the class, and you’ll see something a bit more remarkable in this day and age. Butchard will be the one leading her horse back to the barn. She’ll unbraid him herself, wash his legs, poultice him, blanket him and pick his stall before putting him away for the night. Butchard’s horses really are like family—not only does she ride and train them, she does all the c

Groom Spotlight: Stef Goldenberg Gets Joy From Giving Horses The Best

This year, show jumping enthusiasts watched Karen Polle and With Wings take the sport by storm. The formidable pair had a memorable week in Wellington, Fla., during the Winter Equestrian Festival, claiming the top prize in the $130,000 Ruby et Violette WEF Challenge Cup on March 9 as well as the March 11 Saturday evening five-star grand prix, the $380,000 Douglas Elliman Grand Prix, and continued to add to their resume with successes in Spruce Meadows and Europe as the year continued. But Polle

Groom Spotlight: Zane Josta Has Gone From Latvia To Ohlala

Zane Josta, Lauren Hough’s head groom, has been a critical member of the team since 2013, and she travels with Hough and her string to competitions around the world. But Josta was on the verge of quitting grooming entirely when she first connected with Hough. She was feeling a little burnt out and didn’t have her next job lined up. However, after meeting Hough at a horse show in London, Josta became intrigued by the opportunity to learn about the American style of show jumping and life in the U

Amateurs Like Us: Popp Helps Two-Legged And Four-Legged Patients

Shannon Popp knows all about overcoming challenges. The 30-year-old pharmacist started riding at age 6 following an accident with a piece of furniture: A desk fell on her hand and severed her middle finger at the knuckle. “My fingertip was literally hanging by a bunch of nerves, and that’s it!” Popp remembered. Doctors used two pins and several stitches to reattach it. Following the surgery, a young Popp became fearful and anxious about engaging in everyday activities. In an effort to help her